A small sample of CNE food, reviewed.


We went to the CNE last Sunday. It’s been a long time since I have last popped by it, but I’ve had great carnie food experiences at the Calgary Stampede, so we went to the food building to see what was up.

We wouldn’t find most of this year’s features, but pictured above is some of what we did find.

Top left – Deep fried Mac’n’cheese balls w/cheese curds. I forget what they were actually called. There were really two types. the type with only macaroni (2/10) and the type with large chunks of cheese (8.5/10).

Top right – hand dipped corn-dog. Holy cow. Best corn dog I’ve ever had. Actually. (12/10)

Bottom left – hand dipped deep-fried Twix, from the same place as the corn dog. Wow. these guys are good. Probably one of the best deep fried candy experiences I have had. (10/10) would recommend.

Bottom right – Deep fried spaghetti balls. left, savoury marinara (2/10) meh, very little different than actual spaghetti. Right, chocolate covered (5/10) new experience, good chocolate sauce. Legitimately felt like a desert, just not a good one.